EXCLUSIVE! 2020 NBA All-Star Jerseys | CRTSDE.com

16 Jan



With all the outrage over leaked images of the new “Sleeved” jerseys by adidas for the upcoming All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, fans everywhere have been left scratching their heads at the Football-like image the league seems to be taking.
Well it seems like the 2014 Allstar Weekend uniforms are the least of our worries, CRTSDE has come across the exclusive images of the ‘Long-Sleeved Jersey’ set to debut in 2020.
With a new in-corporated shooters sleeve into the uniform that wraps right around to the back, the uni also features a new 3 stripe buckle for locking in players.
Not quite sure how the players are actually going to shoot or throw lobs to each other, but when has what the fans want mattered much anymore? …Zing!

No doubt you heard the reaction from the COURTSIDE crew when the NBA was set to debut the sleeved jersey, heaven only knows how the Podcast will react to the latest sleeved development?

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